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  • What is Confirmation & How do you prepare?

    • Confirmation is not  a teen choosing the faith; it is their response to the churches invitation. This is an invitation to play their part in the “Mission” of the church & to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit for that Mission. The process is to help prepare them to evangelize and to get them consistently involved in parish life (during & after this time of preparation).

  • If I enroll my child, do they have to get Confirmed? What if they decide not to?

    • Enrollment does NOT obligate your teen, at any point, to actually receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. This is a time of discerning saying yes to this sacrament of “commitment.” A time of learning and growing, of seeking answers to your questions, and contemplating the answers in a small, informal setting. We hope that we can make your teen’s preparation for Confirmation a vibrant experience for them and your family.

  • Why does the preparation include so many Life Teen Events?

    • One of the primary goals of Confirmation preparation is to imitate the RCIA model by getting teens more spiritually active in their own parish through programs fitting for them.  The requirements seek to foster a parish connection that extends throughout their four years of high school, and beyond. For those who are consistent, it has proven to carry over to a long lasting church involvement.  Please encourage the weekly involvement of your teen.

  • Can we get Confirmed somewhere else?

    • If circumstance requires, families must request permission from their pastor for a student to be confirmed elsewhere (a requirement of the Diocese and the USCCB).

  • Does my child have to attend a retreat? What if they need to leave for a sport, etc.?

    • Yes! Seekers will need to attend one of the following retreats their Junior year. Teens can attend, Servants 4 Christ service retreat the summer going into Junior year, Fall or Spring Retreat. This element of Confirmation Preparation is essential. Candidates need to remain for the entirety of the retreat. The cost ONE retreat is covered by your confirmation fee ($120 off S4C).

  • When will Confirmation Mass be?

    • The Sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated on a date to be determined in the spring of their Junior year. The Bishop’s office assigns the date of the Confirmation Liturgy to each parish. We will communicate this information to you as soon as it is available.

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