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FREE right now for 3 months, Guided prayer meditations, stations of the cross, examination of conscience, saint stories & MUCH more. 


Listen/read daily readings, listen/pray the rosary. 


Liturgy of the Hours, Prayers, etc.


Click underlined links.


Ron's Refection on the Mass 

LIVE Adoration

Global Life Night Live 

LIVE Sunday @5pm (recorded to watch later too)

Father Scott Goodfellow Homilies & Talks

Father Patrick Schultz Homilies & Talks

Damascus LIVE (Home of CYSC)

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday Podcast with Mark Hart

Word on Fire (With Daily Mass at 8:15am)

Catholic Podcasts from Life Teen by Genre

Life Teen YouTube Channel

Join LT every Wednesday at 6pm EST for Lectio Live, where they pray with the upcoming Sunday Mass readings!

Ascension Presents YouTube Channel

Fr. Mike Schmitz, Bishop Robert Barron and More on common topics, reflections and more! 

Formed- Catholic Netflix

Search for St. Mary Parish by zip code 44236 to log in for free

Life Teen Hudson Spotify

Adoration, background music, foam party ragers... you name it

USCCB Resources 


Life Teen Blog Posts by Topic & Interest

You can order these books on Amazon, on the phone at the local Learned Owl (support small!), or you can look up on iBooks, Kindle, or however you like to read (Do you like to read? Don't know? Now is the time to find out).

How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul

by Chrystalina Evert and Jason Evert

Core Recommendation: Dina

More Than a Pretty Face

by Christina Mead

Core Recommendation: Dina

Thirsting for Prayer

by Jacques Philippe

Core Recommendation: Jenn

He Leadeth Me

by Walter Ciszick

Core Recommendation: Adam

33 Days of Merciful Love 

by Michael E. Gaitley

Core Recommendation: Natalie

Theology of the Body in One Hour

by Jason Evert

Core Recommendation: Brad

Praying the Rosary Like Never Before

by Edward Sri

Core Recommendation: Brad

Cold Case Christianity

by J. Warner Wallace

Core Recommendation: Robert

Ask the Bible Geek

by Mark Hart

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